Musguard is a revolution in bicycle mudguard design, literally. This set of fully detachable front and rear fenders roll up, so they can only be used when needed and store up easily when they are not.

Due to their design and position on the bicycle they prove to be very effective. Lightweight, super compact they features no mounts or extra parts to mess your bikes aesthetic. Available in various colors for a perfect match.


When not in use it packs very small. It can be rolled on your frame or simply stored in your
bag, pocket or hung on your key chain.


Musguards are die-cut from a strong, resilient and recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic
sheet using a unique folding system for stability and firm fit.

perfect fit

Originally designed for use on fixed gear / single speed bikes, Musgard fits most frames with paired seat stays and a brake bridge.


The application is simple and fast, no tools needed. It fits neatly, very close to the wheel catching the spray right at the source.